“Imagine” by: Alanna Wong




“Imagine” by: Alanna Wong

Imagine if we never left a fallen family member behind.

Imagine if we see someone where they are in the exact moment and not where we expect them to be.

Imagine if we show others compassion by putting ourselves in their shoes.

Imagine if we love each other unconditionally and not just show our love when it’s convenient for us.

Imagine if we forgive ourselves for our wrongdoings and we forgive the people that have hurt us.

Imagine if we accepted all ailments in this world even if it’s an illness we can’t see.

Imagine if we just did one of these things how much better the world would be!=

You belong! Let’s start with acceptance!

Share this video with your friends and family members if you or someone you know needs acceptance! 

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All the best,

Alanna Wong

p.s. If you haven’t read the introductory section of my book about my 13 year battle with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, you can read it here: http://alannawonglife.com/real-life-sleeping-beauty/ 




  1. Alanna, I feel better just having read your post. Thank you!

  2. Christine Stock says:

    Alanna, you’re a young woman and have the mind of a wise old woman. I bow.

  3. Judy Garey says:

    Beautiful words coming from a beautiful person. Love it Alanna!

  4. Elena Stasik says:

    This is truly beautiful Alanna!! <3

  5. Judy says:

    I love it, keep on shining Alanna Wong!

  6. Jalyn says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing Alanna, it’s so very inspiring! LOVE the video!

  7. Zina says:

    Such a beautiful message. Thank you Alanna. 🙂

  8. Greg Mock says:

    Hey Alanna – Great blog. Very uplifting. It’s wonderful to see my friend Judy Garey here posting as well. I love her work too, so uplifting!

  9. Mike Marryat says:

    Wow…great post! Very inspiring and just brightened up my day!

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