American History Go Fish Game Review


I received the Go Fish American History Card Game from Geotoys. We all remember playing the game Go Fish and I love how it’s been created into an American History game. I can’t wait to play this with my niece when she gets a bit older! This is a fun, educational game that you can play with the whole family! It was well packaged and I received the game very quickly! I highly recommend you get this game for your kids! You will have a great time playing with your kids while brushing up on American History as well! You can purchase the game below or check out their store by clicking on the following link: Geotoys Store They have a bunch of neat History games at their store!

Here’s some more information about the American History Go Fish Game:

  • Great Introduction to American History for Younger Children
  • Conforms to National Core Curriculum Standards
  • Important People, Places and Events from American History
  • 48 cards, 12 different Categories to Collect
  • A Historical Twist on a Classic Game

Easy to learn Go Fish game makes American history fun! 48 cards show famous people, landmarks, events, symbols etc from American history. Gather 4 cards within each category (ie Colonial America, Civil War, and Westward Expansion) and collect as many sets as you can! Includes rules for other games that reinforce timelines and geography. Made in China, ages 4+.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below & let me know me know what your favorite game is to play with kids! 

With Love,

Alanna Wong


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