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Aurorae Yoga Mat & Meditation Candle Review by Alanna Wong

I have been picking up a new activity that I absolutely love! The activity is Yoga! There is only one essential item needed to do Yoga – a Yoga Mat.  I have been in contact with a family business yoga company called Aurorae. And I received their classic yoga mat and an extra soothing item – a soy meditation candle with a lavender scent! I want to share with you a few reasons why yoga is important for the mind and body especially when living with a chronic condition.

I’m really enjoying the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps with flexibility. Yoga helps with flexibility by holding each pose for a good amount of time. We all know that being flexible helps reduce the risk of injuries so the more yoga the better you are at staying flexible and reducing injury.

Yoga improves your strength. You use your own body weight in yoga which helps to build your strength. When you are consistent with yoga, you will see a huge improvement in your overall strength, stamina and muscle tone.

Yoga helps you lose weight. Yoga is a great exercise and stress reliever which in turn helps you to lose weight. Daily exercise and relieving stress can help shed those extra pounds. It’s important to keep a healthy diet too, when considering weight loss. You can read my hydration blog post here.

Yoga improves your posture. Yoga helps build strength, muscle tone, and increases flexibility which all helps tremendously with your posture.

Yoga helps reduce stress. Yoga helps your mind be still and focused on the present moment. Having your mind be still and in peace reduces stress.

Yoga helps your breathing. You do a lot of deep breathing in yoga which in turn helps with your breathing and lung capacity. You will find as time goes by that your breathing will become easier and easier.

Yoga helps with concentration. Yoga helps you be in the moment. It helps you focus on the present pose at task.

Yoga builds your confidence. When you are exercising, eating well, and practicing yoga you will feel a boost in your energy! Having a boost of energy and seeing the changes in your body will give you a confidence boost which is good for the soul.

The Aurorae yoga mat is thick which makes lying on the mat more comfortable. It is very durable and high quality! If you are looking for a yoga mat that has thickness to it, you need to get this one! I absolutely love the Lavender Soy candle too! The smell isn’t too strong which is nice. It’s a natural and soothing smell for me. I love having my candle on when I put in my meditation c.d.! “Aurorae was founded in 2009 by yoga student and cancer survivor, Dennis Ingui.”  If you are looking for yoga mats, yoga accessories, or yoga apparel you can find the items by clicking on the link at the top of the page. You can read more about the founder here. Below on the left hand side is a list of items you can purchase from Auorae. Be sure to connect with Auorae on their social media channels: Aurorae Website. Aurorae Facebook. Aurorae Twitter. Aurorae Pinterest. Aurorae Google+. Aurorae Youtube. Aurorae LinkedIn.



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Alanna Wong


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