Bistro Bodum Blender Review & Giveaway!

Bistro Bodum Blender

Bistro Bodum Blender

Bistro Bodum Blender Review & Giveaway!

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One of the main habits that has helped me keep a balanced weight and has kept my mind and body healthy is drinking green smoothies. I was very fortunate to receive a Bistro Bodum Blender! The blender is high quality and blends well. Eating healthy and feeding your mind and body with the right kind of fuel is so important when living with a chronic illness. I want to share a few reasons why we all should be drinking green smoothies. Keep reading on because I have some VERY exciting news for you!

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Green smoothies are easy to make. We all need to save time and preparing a green smoothie only takes a few minutes of your time. Those few minutes of preparing and blending the smoothie will generate energy and give you the fuel you need to get through your day!

Green smoothies are a great way to get your greens in. In a time where most of us we eat too many processed foods, getting your greens and vegetables in are more important than ever! If you can make 1-2 green smoothies a day, you will get the greens that your body needs.

Green smoothies fill you up. Each time I have a green smoothie, I am always surprised by my suppressed appetite. After drinking a green smoothie, I have much smaller portions of food and sometimes my green smoothies fill me up so much that it replaces my meal completely.

Green smoothies are affordable to make. We can go to the grocery store, the market, or a discount store and buy our greens and fruits for a reasonable price. I usually get enough greens and fruits to make smoothies for 1-2 weeks! Next time you purchase your coffee or processed food, think about replacing it with veggies and fruits inside of a delicious green smoothie!

Green smoothies help you lose weight. We all know the trick to losing weight. Eating healthy, cutting back on processed foods, and exercising more. Put those three together and you are bound to shed some weight.

Green smoothies will increase your energy level. Human bodies are like Ferrari’s. If we put the wrong fuel in a Ferrari it will not function at its optimum level; same with human beings. If we are feeding our bodies with junk, we will not function at our optimum level. If we feed our bodies with green smoothies, we will feel better and will notice a boost in our energy.

Green smoothies can help with brain clarity. Have you ever had a high fatty meal and afterwards your brain feels cloudy? The opposite happens when you drink green smoothies. When you drink a green smoothie you feel much more clear-minded afterwards.

Green smoothies will help you maintain your young looks. Hydration is so important to keep you looking young and fresh. Green smoothies have so many nutrients and are filled with hydration which will keep your skin looking young! We all want to maintain our young looks so start drinking green smoothies today!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below with your favorite green smoothie recipe!

With Love,

Alanna Wong



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