Friends & Family, PLEASE HELP ME “VOTE” FOR MY INCREDIBLE DAD! I entered my dad in the #Truedude Father’s Day Contest! If you can take a moment, please vote for my dad. You do not need to sign up and you can vote every 24 hours until June 20th! My entry is the pic below and says: “My dad, Randy is a ‪#‎TrueDude‬ because he is the hardest working man I know! He gives me, my sister, and my niece unconditional love and time (time=love)! He would do anything for us! He is what all men should strive to be like!” VOTE by clicking here (You should see my photo at the top of the page): http://truedude.pgtb.me/tTXr6/hH4ws?w=34485862&e=91411829 

Vote for this photo!

Vote for this photo!

Thank you SO much for your help! I really appreciate it! I want to share with you my definition of love. Because of having lived with a rare neurological condition for the past 13 years, my definition of love has expanded. Love used to be a warm fuzzy feeling. It used to be happiness. It used to be acceptance. It used to be joy. It used to be laughter. But today it means that and a whole lot more. Love means time. It means giving of your time not for a few minutes or for a few hours but for days, weeks months and years. It means being there for your loved one when they are at their lowest point in life. It means wiping their tears and soothing their pain. It means knowing who your loved one truly is even when no one else does. It means quitting your job to take care of your loved one. It means going to work to take care of your loved one. It means being an advocate for your loved one when he/she isn’t able to advocate for themselves. Love means not giving up on your loved one. It means sitting by their side to calm their sorrow, pain and fear. Love means searching for answers. Love means not going with the crowd when you know it’s wrong. Love means standing your ground. Love means accepting the truth. Love means becoming humble. Love means downsizing if you have to save your loved ones life. Love means finding a new path for your loved one if they are unhappy, bullied, or ostracized. Love means going the distance. It means never losing hope. It means believing. It means validating your loved one. Love means letting go of your expectations. Love means compassion. Love means accepting the person in whatever state they may be in. Love is value. Love is a choice. Love is doing the hard thing because it is the right thing. Love is a kiss and a hug. Love is a well meaning thought and wish. Love is healing. Love is kind. Love is powerful. Love is mom. Love is dad. Love is sister. Love is brother. Love is family. Love is friend. Love is God.

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All the best,
Alanna Wong
p.s. If you haven’t read the introductory section of my book about my 13 year battle with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, you can read it here: http://alannawonglife.com/real-life-sleeping-beauty/ 


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