GoodNight KLS! Campaign!


Get your FREE KLS wristband for the Goodnight KLS! Campaign!

This is your chance to help spread the word about KLS by wearing the Kleine-Levin Syndrome wrist band. When you wear the KLS wrist band out and about, it helps start conversations with others about KLS which in turn spreads the word! If you would like a FREE Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) wristband to support those living with KLS and families dealing with KLS, then keep reading on.

You can get a FREE KLS wristband by following the directions below:

1: Create a sign with the words: Goodnight KLS!  and take a photo of yourself holding up the “Goodnight KLS!” sign. Or you can download the sign I created here: Good Night KLS! You can be as creative as you like with your sign/picture. When you create a sign with the saying “Goodnight KLS!”and take a photo of yourself with it, you will receive your wristband.

2: Email your photo and full address to Make sure to include your photo AND your full address, including your name, country, and zip code. Once I receive your photo and address I will ship your KLS wristband to you.

3: Spread the word via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and be sure to use the hashtag #GoodnightKLS! when posting on social media accounts.

4: Nominate 3 of your friends to participate in this campaign! The more of your friends and family you can get to participate in this campaign, the more awareness for KLS! When you nominate your 3 people, be sure to share this link with them: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have Kleine Levin Syndrome to participate? You do not need to have Kleine-Levin Syndrome to participate! Due to the rareness of KLS, I would like the “Goodnight KLS!” campaign to reach as many people as possible! Please invite your family and friends to get a FREE KLS wrist band.

How much does it cost? Nothing. It’s free! This is designed as a KLS awareness campaign to help spread the word about Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) .

How do I design the Goodnight KLS! sign?  You can design it any way you want! If you would like to print it out via computer, hand-write it, draw it, etc., the choice is yours! Do whatever way is easiest for you.

This costs money, correct? Yes, it does. I want to help those living with KLS, their family members, and community become aware of KLS. When we come together as a community and have a bigger purpose-to find an effective treatment/cure great things happen! This is one way of giving back and helping the KLS community raise awareness!

I know that this is free, but am I able to donate to help cover costs? Donations would be great! Can I make a donation to your website? Yes! That would be very helpful to keep alannawonglife website up and running. You can donate to alannawonglife here:

What will my photo be used for? Your photo will be posted on “KLS Blog” along with your First Name and Country. This will campaign will help with KLS awareness. If you do not want your first name or Country to be used, please state that in the email and I will post ‘Anonymous’ on the blog post instead. Submitted photos will be used as the Goodnight KLS! On-going campaign created by Alanna Wong including blog posts, social media, and video.

Where did I get this idea? I got this idea through the Narcolepsy Not Alone Campaign and the Living With Hypersomnia Campaign! You can check their campaigns out here:

“Together, Let’s put a stop to KLS!”Alanna Wong

Good Night KLS!2

Good Night KLS!


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