Importance of making time for our loved ones!


Importance of making time for our loved ones!

Importance of making time for our loved ones!


“Importance of making time for our loved ones!”

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It is so important to make time for our loved ones especially in today’s day and age where we are running a mile a minute and are very busy. We must learn to make time for our loved ones even if we have busy schedules! I am fortunate that I was able to receive the Family Time Planner by Dotmine Day Planners to review. I want to share with you a few tips you can do to make time out for your loved ones!

We all have a choice. We all have a choice on where we are spending our time. Spending time with your loved ones is a choice of yours. Even if your day is packed full, you have a choice to text, call, or skype your family member’s even if only for a minute to let them know you are thinking of them. What about on your lunch break? Maybe you could invite them to stop by! Find ways to make time even if your day is full! We all have 24 hours in a day. Take a look at where your time is being spent. It may be helpful to log your activities (work and play) so you can see where your time is going.

Figure out what is important. What are the most important things in your life? It may be helpful to make a list of the things you are doing in your life and then pick 3-5 of the top priorities that you know you want to spend more time on. This will help you rid the things you are wasting time on and make room for spending time with/on the important things. A person never is caught saying at the end of their life that they wish they had worked more! What they do say, however, is I wish I would have had more time for my family. Make that time now!

Have dinner together. I remember when I was younger my family and I hardly missed an evening at the dinner table together. Even though my dad was away on 24 hour shifts as a firefighter, when my mom could, she would pack us up and we’d go to his work for dinner on the days he couldn’t be home and we’d still have dinner as a family. There’s something magical about gathering around the table and having a nice meal.  Having dinner and discussing how everyone’s day was and being in the present moment is so enjoyable! Try to make everyone’s schedules match so that you can find an hour or two to have dinner together at the table. It is doable even if there are sacrifices that need to be made! And believe me, it’s well worth the sacrifice.

Plan your time wisely. When you are all together, sit down and plan time out for the family to do activities-whether it be a lazy day, going out for a walk, playing a board game, going swimming, etc. Something that can help you be more aware of making time for the family is to use a Family Planner. With a Family Planner, you will know how much time you are spending with your family. If you need a family planner, you can get a family planner here: Family Time Day Planners Store!

Cut back on watching TV. People spend hours upon hours watching television. If you stop surfing the channels, and start recording your favorite TV. shows, you will save a lot of time that can be spent with your family!

Write a do-to list. I can’t tell you how helpful to-do lists are! They are a huge time saver! And crossing off the items on your list is very satisfying.

Say no. Today there are so many demands on time. Realize that it’s ok to say no. Only say yes to the necessities!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below with how you make time for your loved ones!

With Love,

Alanna Wong

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