Take opportunities when they arise!


opportunitiesTake Opportunities When They Arise!

“Where there is an open window there exists limitless opportunity.” Do you take opportunities when they arise or do you give in to your fear and pass them by? I received the beautiful deep canvas picture to your left from Fulcrum Gallery! I am beyond grateful to have received this wall photo as every morning I wake up and go to sleep I am reminded to take the opportunities when they arise! Like many of us, I have taken opportunities but have also missed opportunities. I want to share with you a few reasons why it’s imperative to take opportunities!

Be Open Minded. Be open to meeting new people. How many people pass by you every day that you do not say hello to? Saying hello or starting a conversation with someone could lead to opportunities. You never know who you may bump into!

Taking opportunities leads to self-confidence. The more opportunities you take, the more confidence you will gain. Even if you take the opportunity and it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, you are building strength and confidence. There is great risk in taking opportunities, and the more opportunities you take, the more failures and successes you will experience which will continue building your self-esteem!

Taking opportunities can help you get closer to your goal/dream. Taking opportunities that benefit your goals and dreams can seem a bit scary at first. We are afraid of failure. When reaching for your goals and dreams you need to get out of your comfort zone and take the opportunities when they arise! It’s healthy to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and it is how you grow!

Be a leader. Taking opportunities presents yourself as a leader. Take opportunities that will benefit you and others! When you take opportunities that help the whole, people will see you as a leader.

Attitude is everything. Have a positive attitude! When you are happy deep inside yourself and are a good person, people will notice that and will want to work with you. People like like-minded people and want to be around positive energy. When your positive spirit opens up, you will receive that many more opportunities.

Be happy for others. Sometimes there are multiple people that are going for the same opportunity. If you don’t get the opportunity, it’s ok! There will be other opportunities for you and now was just not the time. Be genuinely happy for the other person that got the opportunity! If you are not happy for others happiness take a look at yourself and start practicing compassion/acceptance of others.

Rewards of taking opportunities! There is much reward in taking opportunities. You can learn more about yourself, others, your work ethic, important life lessons, and much more!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below with one opportunity you have taken this week!

With Love,

Alanna Wong

P.S. If you haven’t yet connected with Fulcrum Gallery, I highly suggest you do! It’s motivating to wake up to positive quotes, sayings in your home. Fulcrum Gallery has so many paintings to choose from all at a reasonable price! You can connect with them here: Fulcrum Gallery Website.


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