Surviving Chronic Illness Through Acceptance


Alanna Wong writes about surviving trauma through acceptance.

Surviving Chronic Illness Through Acceptance

Today I am continuing my series on the seven qualities needed to survive chronic illness and overcome struggle. The first quality I wrote about is resilience, the second is strength, courage is the third, the fourth is love which brings us to the fifth quality, acceptance.

The fifth quality that a person needs when surviving chronic illness is acceptance from the people around them. Acceptance is extremely important when surviving chronic illness and overcoming a struggle. I never really knew the importance of acceptance until I personally experienced going through a traumatic experience. When you go through a tough time you begin to learn who accepts you and who doesn’t. Learn to appreciate and acknowledge the people who do not judge you in a negative way. Ask yourself, “Am I acknowledging and respecting that person’s kind treatment?” Or am I trying to find acceptance in people who are not able to give me the acceptance that I need.  Keep the ones who accept you close to you. If someone doesn’t accept you during your hardship, it may be time to move on.

So what does acceptance mean?  Acceptance is welcoming. It is letting go of your disappointments. It is seeing the positive. Acceptance is loving the person in the state that they are in and not trying to change or fix them. Acceptance is not blaming. It is not demanding. Acceptance is understanding. Acceptance is inclusion. Acceptance is love. Acceptance is what every person needs especially when going through a traumatic experience. Acceptance is checking in with the person that is struggling. Acceptance is sharing a moment in life together. Acceptance is being kind. Acceptance is having time. Acceptance is approval. Acceptance is sticking around.

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Surviving trauma through love

Surviving trauma through love

Surviving chronic ilness through love: The fourth quality you need when living with a chronic illness  is love. Without love there would be no healing. This brings me to the question; what is love? Because of having lived with a rare neurological condition for the past 15 years, my definition of love has expanded. Love used to be a warm fuzzy feeling. It used to be happiness. It used to be acceptance. It used to be joy. It used to be laughter. But today it means that and a whole lot more. Love means time. It means giving of your time not for a few minutes or for a few hours but for days, weeks months and years. It means being there for your loved one when they are at their lowest point in life. It means wiping their tears and soothing their pain. It means knowing who your loved one truly is even when no one else does. It means quitting your job to take care of your loved one. It means going to work to take care of your loved one. It means being an advocate for your loved one when he/she isn’t able to advocate for themselves. Love means not giving up on your loved one. [Read more…]

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