Showaflops Flip Flops Review

Showaflops Flip Flops!

Showaflops Flip Flops!

Showaflops Review

The weather is getting warmer and summer is right around the corner! It’s the best time of the year to wear flip flops! I have recently been in touch with Showaflops Company and am super excited to have received a pair of their very unique and comfortable flip flops! Showaflops Company has an incredible cause so keep reading to learn more about their hard work and cause!

How Showaflops Started. I love how Showaflops Company came to life. It began after a trip to their daughter’s college dormitory. They saw how many germs there were in the showers and knew they needed to come up with a solution! That simple!

Showaflop features. Showaflops are made to protect your feet against bacteria, fungus, and germs! These flips flops are very comfortable, durable, and distinctive! You can bring your flip flops to all your summer activities-to the beach or pool, in the shower, to the camp site, and to the gym, etc. Two unique features of the Showaflops are the drainage holes and antimicrobial layers. When showering, the drainage holes helps the water drain easier. And the special layers help protect your feet against mold, bacteria, fungus, and any other nasty germs! They are also slip resistant which is a huge plus!

These are the perfect shower flip flops. The customer service was excellent as the shipping was super quick, and the flip flops were packaged nicely. You can order a pair here: Showaflops Store

As I mentioned earlier, Showaflops Has a Great Cause! Many of Showaflops customers are happy, healthy young teens and adults who are enjoying life and are able to wear these amazing flip flops for their fun activities. But unfortunately, not every teen or young adult is healthy. Showaflops is devoted to helping children that are battling Cancer. They donate their flip flops to the children of Camp Good Days! Camp Good Days is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of those touched by cancer and other life threatening illnesses. You can read more about their touching cause here: I highly encourage you to purchase the Showaflops flip flops even if just for this cause! They are only $20. And I am super happy with my pair! Purchase a pair here: Showaflops Store 

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Alanna Wong

Musewear Inspirational Quotes Flip Flops Review

Musewear Flip Flops

Musewear Flip Flops

Musewear Inspirational Quotes Flip Flops Review

Inspirational quotes and sayings can help us through some difficult times. Reading inspirational quotes inspires us to take action, get things done, and reminds us to live life to our fullest. When we read inspirational quotes it helps us see things more clearly! I have been in touch with a company called Musewear and they have the most comfortable, unique flip flops I have ever owned! Everyday I wear them I get to see and read an inspirational quote because they have quotes on the inside of the flip flops! You have to check them out! You can do so here: Musewear. I want to share with you a few reasons why it’s important to read inspirational quotes. I hope you will get a pair of the so you can see an inspirational quote everyday you wear them or give them as a gift! The founder of muse wear had an idea…“I had the idea that whispering words of gratitude, motivation or amusement to people, right before they walk out the door, would be a sure-fire way to start spreading an idea that matters: “You got another day, life is good, sweet and bittersweet, and always worth what you give it.” You can read more about why musewear was Founded here. Be sure to connect with Musewear via social media: Musewear Facebook and Musewear Twitter Below are some reasons why you should read inspirational quotes daily!

You can purchase the best seller Musewear Flip Flops below: [Read more…]

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