Fresh Baby So Easy Snack cup and So Easy Popsicle Maker


Fresh Baby So Easy Snack cup and So Easy Popsicle Maker

I received the Fresh Easy So Easy Snack cup and So Easy Popsicle Maker. The packaging is very nice. Each item comes in a brightly colored box. The snack cups are made of soft silicone. My niece loves the handles. They are soft and easy to grab. We put small objects into the cup and let her pull them out to see what’s there. It won’t be long before she’ll be eating snacks out of the cups. She loves her cups. We always carry one in the car with surprise toys inside. The lid has slots/flaps on top which allow her to put her hand into the cup. The silicone is soft so it is easy and comfortable for her to reach inside and pull her hand out. The Popsicle Maker makes four popsicles at a time. We can make juice popsicles which my niece loves. The first time I used the Popsicle Maker, I did not read the directions and had trouble removing the popsicles. What I ended up doing was run hot water over the silicone to loosen the sides. And then I was able to pull them out. But then I went back to the box and read the directions. It said to push the Popsicle up from the bottom-and it worked. The Popsicle Maker has a cup like catcher on the handle. It allows the Popsicle to drain into the cup instead of drip all over. Once the cup collects enough drips, it will spill onto your clothes as you tip the Popsicle toward your mouth. I like the catcher because it stops the Popsicle from dripping all over. So I just have an empty cup near, and I periodically pour the drips into the cup. I love both the So Easy Snack Cup and The So Easy Popsicle Maker. Both of these items are excellent items to have and would make great gifts. If you would like to purchase the items, you can do so by clicking on the links below. Check out their other awesome toys here: Fresh Easy Store


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