Benefits of Music- Jeff Gold’s C.D. Review/Giveaway

Jeff Gold

Jeff Gold’s CD

Jeff Gold’s C.D. Review and Giveaway

Music has the power to soothe and relax your body and mind. But it’s important to be aware of what kind of music you listen to.

I want to share with you the most healing, most therapeutic music I have ever come across – from a very talented musician called Jeff Gold. I am fortunate to have received Jeff Gold’s CDs. I absolutely love them! I love them so much that I have teamed up with Jeff Gold to give away two free CDs to two lucky winners. Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win one of his CDs! You can purchase his CDs here: Jeff Gold CD Store

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Who is Jeff Gold? Jeff Gold is a world-famous musician who gives life to spiritual and soulful music. His music is frequently played in spas, and is well known among wellness therapists and music therapists. To date, Jeff has released three different CDs. They include “Soul of a Mountain”, which was released in 2006, “Escape”, which was released in 2009, and “Simple Treasures”, which was released in 2012. All these CDs made the bestseller lists soon after they were released. Jeff Gold is renowned for transforming acoustic music from flutes, strings and guitars into beautiful and relaxing melodies. He composes his own music and plays all the instruments by himself. He has also been featured on a few American television shows.

Jeff Gold's CD

Jeff Gold’s CD

Benefits of music when living with a chronic condition. Anyone who wants to improve their study and work environment, as well as improve their focus and concentration, should consider listening to Jeff’s Gold’s music. If you suffer from Asperger’s, Autism, Tourette’s syndrome and sensory processing issues, his music can help, too. Sufferers of these health conditions may find it difficult to study or work in noisy environments, but if you put on a Jeff Gold CD, you will notice that you can concentrate better and are less prone to distraction.

Jeff’s music is also great at helping you get a good night’s sleep. Stress, anxiety, and worries can all keep a person up at night and affect their quality of sleep. But if you listen to Jeff’s relaxing music before going to bed, you will find it easier to fall asleep and even enjoy a better night’s rest. Many people who have purchased Jeff’s CDs to get rid of insomnia have left positive reviews about them on the Internet. I highly recommend you purchase Jeff Gold’s C.D.’s! You can purchase them here: Jeff Gold CD Store or by clicking on the links below!  If you haven’t connected with Jeff via social media, be sure to do so here: Facebook. Twitter. Google Plus. Youtube. Website. Jeff Gold CD Store

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below and let me know what your favorite song is right now. 🙂

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Alanna Wong

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