WaterWipes USA Review by Alanna Wong

WaterWipes USA

WaterWipes USA

WaterWipes USA Review 

I have a young niece and my sister is very conscientious about what goes on her baby’s skin. A newborn baby may need up to ten diaper changes a day! And as a new mom you really worry about what kind of chemicals baby wipes contain. Common sense tells us that using a cloth with plain water is probably better for the baby’s skin than a baby wipe filled with chemicals. Even wipes advertised as “natural baby wipes” or “organic baby wipes” have chemicals in them. That is why my sister used cloths she had to machine wash. So I went on a search for natural baby wipes and found The Worlds Purest Wet Wipe called WaterWipes. I was fortunate to receive the WaterWipes so that we could try them out. These wipes are amazing because they are 100% chemical free. The only two ingredients in WaterWipes are 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. WaterWipes are made with a patented technology that allows the wipes to be made without any chemicals. And WaterWipes can be used by anyone who has sensitive skin. The independent Allergy UK organization approved WaterWipes indicating that anyone with a skin condition like eczema or psioriasis can use WaterWipes without any harm or worry of rash and sting. That’s how pure WaterWipes are. We no longer have to use cloths that need to be machine washed when changing my niece’s diaper. The pure Water Wipes have given us the convenience of being able to wipe and toss. Sometimes we like the wipes a little more wet so we just add a bit more water to them. And the bonus is these wipes are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. If your baby has sensitive skin or you’re concerned about putting chemicals on your baby’s skin, give these wonderful chemical free WaterWipes a try. You’ll be glad you did–we sure are! You can order them here: WaterWipes USA Store OR below: Be sure to connect with WaterWipes USA via social media! You can do so here: WaterWipes USA Website. WaterWipes USA Facebook. WaterWipes USA Twitter. WaterWipes USA Pinterest. WaterWipes USA Youtube. WaterWipes USA has incredible customer service and their shipping is quick! I highly recommend this product!

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