Overnight Glasses Review & Giveaway!

Overnight Glasses Review and Giveaway

Overnight Glasses

Overnight Glasses

Are you looking for a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses? If you are, you have come to the right place! When purchasing prescription glasses, you need to stick to a reliable company that offers excellent quality products. Glasses have the potential to improve or ruin your vision. If you use low quality glasses even for a couple of years, you will cause more damage to your eyes. That’s why it is always better to shop for glasses from a reliable company like Overnight Glasses. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Overnight Glasses and the great features they offer. I am so excited to share with you that I have teamed up with Overnight Glasses to give away 8 $75 coupon codes to 8 lucky winners!  Overnight Glasses is giving everyone a 60% discount on their whole inventory of glasses and sunglasses. To get 60% off click here: http://www.overnightglasses.com/?tracking=54dc067a71fb9 Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to be one of the lucky winners! Share this contest with all of your family members and friends! Enter below:

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Why Overnight Glasses? Overnight Glasses is a prescription glass and sunglass manufacturer that is based in California. They have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few months by delivering high quality service to their customers. In fact, Overnight Glasses has become a popular marketplace among people who are looking for the best customized glasses. All their products are customized according to the specific needs of customers. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to receive a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly.

Overnight Glasses Features:

Overnight GlassesAll the glasses of Overnight Glasses are provided with an easy to clean coating. This coating has made the lenses slippery, which will assist you during the cleaning process. In addition, this coating has increased the durability of the lenses. In other words, it provides protection to the lenses against scratches. If you wish to change the lens, you can request it from Overnight Glasses and they will take necessary measures to do so. For example, you can upgrade your glasses to a thinner lens without any hassle. Just contact Overnight Glasses and they will get to work!

Overnight Glasses are specifically designed for people who spend a lot of time in front of computers. The computer anti-glare coating has played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. This coating has the ability to reduce the harmful blue colored light that is emitted from digital displays. In fact, this anti-glare coating is a combination of few hundred coatings and a special lens dye. You will not be able to find that coating in the glasses manufactured by any other company!

Overnight Glasses also delivers Transitions(R) light responsive lenses for the people in need. It is the number one brand available out there for production of photo chromatic lenses. These lenses are equipped with the special property of changing the color based on the ultraviolet index of sun rays. In other words, you don’t need to go through the hassle of changing glasses during different indoor and outdoor events.

Apart from that, Overnight Glasses offers Digital Freedom lenses that are specifically designed by Seiko. This will be a life changer for all the people who wear progressive lenses. If you want to become a progressive wearer, I highly recommend you purchase these customized products! The best thing about Overnight Glasses is that they offer their products at reasonable prices. To make it even more reasonable, they are offering 60% off of their inventory here: http://www.overnightglasses.com/?tracking=54dc067a71fb9 Be sure to get your prescription glasses and sunglasses from Overnight Glasses. Their customer service is phenomenal! If you have not yet connected with Overnight Glasses via social media, be sure to do so here: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Google Plus.

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