Woodies Bamboo Watches Review & Giveaway!

woodieswatch4Woodies Bamboo Watches Review & Giveaway!

Most of us love watches for one reason or another. Whether you are wearing a watch because it holds sentimental value, or wearing it for functionality, or just wearing it for a fashion statement….we can’t go wrong when purchasing/wearing a watch we love! The best is when we get a watch that we LOVE and it’s for FREE!  I am very fortunate to have received Woodies sleek and stylish Bamboo Watch! I love these watches so much that I have teamed up with Woodies to giveaway one of their Bamboo Watches! Enter below for your chance to win! Be sure to check out Woodies store here: Woodies Store

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Why Woodies Bamboo Watches? The Woodies bamboo watch is a perfect product for people who want a natural looking watch! These watches are extremely popular among both men and women of all ages. Woodies bamboo watches come in two different colors- white and black. The white watch is equipped with a white colored bezel, which matches perfectly well with the leather band. Their black watch is equipped with a gold colored bezel. The elegant look of it is enhanced by gold accents, which can be seen on the dial. Woodies bamboo watches are classy, elegant, and fashionable! These watches are priced very reasonably! They are eco-friendly and light-weight. Many people might think that Woodies bamboo watches are heavier like other wooden watches that can be found in the market. But in reality, that is not true-they are super lightweight and very comfortable! In fact, it weighs only few grams and you will not find any discomfort when wearing the watch for a long period of time. The distinct wood grain patterns can also be seen in Woodies bamboo watches. This adds to the character, uniqueness and warmth of each watch. This unique appearance has contributed a lot towards the popularity of Woodies bamboo watches. woodieswhitewatch

Where can I buy the Woodies Bamboo watches? You can order the bamboo watches by clicking on the following link: Woodies Store and get it shipped to you directly and quickly. Be sure to check out their sunglasses too. You can purchase their sunglasses here: Woodies Store. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Woodies customer service. Their customer service is phenomenal! I highly recommend you purchase an item from their store!

If you haven’t already entered the contest at the top of this page, be sure to do so and please share this post with your friends! It’s your chance to win a Bamboo Watch! Good luck! Also, be sure to connect with Woodies via social media if you haven’t already done so! The following are their social media channels: Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Pinterest. Instagram.

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Woodies Polarized Bamboo Hybrid Sunglasses Review & Giveaway!

Woodies Sunglasses

Woodies Sunglasses

Woodies Polarized Bamboo Hybrid Sunglasses Review & Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a pair of stylish sunglasses? I have been in contact with Woodies Company and am fortunate to have received two pairs of their black polarized bamboo hybrid sunglasses….1 for me and 1 for you! I am giving away 1 pair to a very lucky winner! You can enter the contest here: http://woobox.com/r96pj6 Woodies sunglasses are a mixture of 100% real bamboo! They are comfortable, sturdy, high quality, and lightweight! The lens’ are dark and are 100% UVA/UVB protection. The sunglasses come with a very nice case, and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. These sunglasses are perfect for everyday outdoors! The sunglasses are regularly $30 but they are on sale so be sure to get them now! You can purchase them by clicking on the following link: Bamboo Wood Polarized Sunglasses
Woodies Company has a variety of choices! I love the selection of choices Woodies carries. The company is very helpful, has phenomenal service, and the shipping is very quick! If you haven’t connected with Woodies via social media be sure to do so! Woodies: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to enter the contest if you haven’t already done so to win a FREE pair of sunglasses! Enter here: http://woobox.com/r96pj6

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