Alanna Wong is a young woman I consider to be a True Hero! She is a girl who has suffered with a rare leeping disorder most of her life. This disease robs children up to their young adult lives of chunks of time from their lives, completely missing important events and milestones. Yet, Alanna has risen above this and has chosen to spend her free time helping others. She became the media face linking KLS (Kleine-Levin Syndrome) with other KLS sufferers, their loved ones, the medical community and the public to bring awareness internationally. She started Internet sites, blogs, videos to reach out to others who need it. It takes a lot of tenacity, bravery, passion and compassion to accomplish what Alanna Wong has done. She isn’t done…I have been watching her expand her network and purpose to help others with their personal struggles, whatever they may be. Alanna is a young woman who is truly admirable and a GREAT role model to ALL!  Lori KLS Foundation Board Member

It’s because of you Alanna that my son & and I have learned so much about KLS, and the kindness of your mom through correspondence in the beginning of our journey. You put such a positive light of energy out for everyone you touch. I tell my …son all the time about how your positive outlook on life, despite the challenges KLS oses to you, is so inspiring. Your website is awesome, your family support is enormous and I just hope you know that you touch a lot of people’s lives. Your story, your life… You! Thank you!  Terri

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with Kleine-Levine Syndrome in December 2011. Alanna has been a tremendous help to me and my family by providing us with helpful information on KLS. I have been able to show my family and friends some of Alanna’s videos to help them understand what KLS is. Just telling people is not enough. I hope Alanna continues on her journey to inspire and help others with this devastating disease.  Jim

Alanna has been a true inspiration to us over the past few months. Our son has been afflicted by the same monster, KLS. Seeing and hearing Alanna’s consistent positive outlook has given us hope. She does not pretend that this will be easy but she assured us we can and we will get through this  nightmare. Thank you Alanna I hope someday my son is as strong as you after this journey.  Erin

Alanna is our inspiration. For those of us with children suffering with KLS she gives us hope that there will be a brighter future than we see for them at present. While still battling with episodes of KLS herself she presents to the world not only a beautiful and serene face but an equally beautiful heart and soul. Her positivity, words of wisdom and sincere kindness warms us even in the depths of our sadness for our children. She has given of herself, let the world know of her struggles in order to support so many others. Bless you Alanna. Robyn

Alanna has and will inspire all our young KLS suffers and their families to stay optimistic and look to a brighter tomorrow. She has travelled a difficult journey herself and has left a trail I imagine as sparkling, one that our children will, I hope, aspire to follow. A reminder that the challenging KLS years WILL come to an end and that you WILL have your wonderful life back. Karen

We feel Alanna is a brave and courageous young lady. She has an optimistic spirit towards the obstacles that may come her way. She is a voice to those who are suffering from KLS and continues to strive to help others. She has no problem speaking the truth to those who support and those who do not. We deeply admire her strength and fortitude in speaking out regarding this disorder. We love you! Gigi & Donna

Alanna is a beautiful person in body and spirit, she has the ability to see the best in situations and inspires and encourages others who are coping with difficulties in their lives. It is a privilege to know her. Alanna herself has had a long journey coping with chronic illness, long time undiagnosed (KLS), but has managed to turn the suffering around to help others by highlighting the illness by making videos and a wonderful and informative web-site and very importantly helping sufferers make contact with each other so that they do not feel so alone, this is crucial for families affected by a very rare illness. We need more people like Alanna in this world. Annette


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