Value Your Loved Ones

Value Your Loved Ones

Value Your Loved Ones

Value Your Loved Ones: 

Have you ever asked yourself why you should value your loved ones? There are many reasons to be given, but I would like to share the most important, and especially, why you also need to be there for them when they need you the most.

Life is a journey of ups and downs. Therefore, it’s completely normal for your loved ones to have you as someone they can count on when the going gets tough. This is a good time for you to show what a good friend you are, as it would hurt them to see you turn your back when they need you. A good way to show that you value them is by staying close and helping them out. It can be challenging for you to stay committed and not walk out, but it also would break them apart to see you turn your back; therefore, you shouldn’t just walk away.

They need you to keep believing. I recently read a quote that says: “We live in a society where too many people make family a disposable commodity”, and I think the quote couldn’t be any truer in today’s society. Unfortunately many people with life struggles are being left behind and not supported in the way they need to and should be. You really must be there when it’s important because it shows you value them. 

It is necessary to value someone during lengthy difficult times, as it strengthens and deepens the bond between the both of you. You should fully accept and never leave them behind! If someone you love has an ailment, whether physical, mental, or emotional; it’s important to value them and remind yourself that their ailment is not their fault. Besides, you never know what could happen at any given moment in life, you may be the one that needs their help.

One of my favorite movies is Seabiscuit; about the injured racehorse. When asked: “Why do you care for that injured racehorse?” The trainer replied; “You don’t throw away a life just because it’s a little banged up.”


How can you show that you value your loved ones? Below are some hints I would like to share with you:

  1. Don’t Give Up On Your Loved One. It may be you needing help at some other time.
  2. Give Your Loved One Time: Time equals love. Giving your time is a selfless and loving act. When you give your time, be presently engaged with them. You may have to sacrifice some of your time to be there for them, but it’ll be worth it! It will truly make a difference in the person’s life who is struggling, and you will be loved for it.
  3. Show compassion and be empathetic. Put yourself in the person’s shoes.
  4. Love unconditionally. Put your love into action. Do something.
  5. Accept the person. The greatest gift of love and acceptance is to see someone where they are at in the moment and not where you expect them to be.
  6. Believe In Them. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. People need to feel that others believe they can achieve their goals.
  7. Be an advocate. Educate others about your loved ones ailment. Life is a never ending cycle of giving and receiving. Give help and you will receive help!
  8. Acknowledge the person and her/his struggle. Do not ignore or avoid talking with or responding to the person struggling.

When someone in your life is going through a hardship, remember their value and don’t ever give up on them. Stick with them throughout their fight, and you’ll be grateful in the end that you did. You can watch my video here on why it’s important to value your loved ones!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did enjoy it, please share it with your friends and leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!

All the best,

Alanna Wong

p.s. If you haven’t read the introductory section of my book about my 13 year battle with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, you can read it here: 



  1. Randy says:

    Great information! Everyone should not only read this but put it into practice.

  2. Mario says:

    Great article Alanna Wong, you offer interesting information.

  3. Judy Wright says:

    Tell them how important they are, often.

  4. Matt Ritchey says:

    I remember watching Seabiscuit and connecting with that same exact line!
    Let’s not give up on ANYONE, we all deserve to be loved and supported.

  5. Ed Reiner says:

    Great article Alanna, very powerful stuff, I’m gonna have to go and rent Seabiscuit now 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    Great post Alanna, you share such positivity. It’s wonderful. <3

  7. Christine Stock says:

    Thank you Alanna, You are wonderful as always.
    Parents who have a child KLS diseased struggling daily. A reminder of our children is very important to estimate value. Thank you!

  8. liz scully says:

    Great article – and you’re so right that support needs to be for the long haul. That’s where being there for your family and loved ones differs from just being generally supportive. That’s what people appreciate and truly understand.

  9. Fred Grooms says:

    Really great post Alanna. I especially agree with giving your family time. Time these days is more valuable than money. Show your love spend time with the ones you love.

  10. Mike Marryat says:

    Great article about valuing your loved ones. Friends and family are the most important aspects of our lives. Material objects come and go…they don’t really mean much. True friends and family will always be there! Great post!

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