What is Empathy?


What is Empathy?

As stated in thefreedictionary.com, Empathy is: “Identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.” Being empathetic towards others is so critical especially when they are going through a hardship. Being able to see through another person’s perspective and understand what the person is going through is a gift. When we are able to do that, we can see how they feel. Putting yourself in another’s situation is a conscious decision people can learn to do.


An additional way to show empathy is to reflect anothers’ emotions in our own behavior. We do this quite naturally, because we have a built in emotion reading response called mirroring. When we are engaging with someone, our brains naturally mirror that person’s facial and body expressions. When we mirror those expressions, our brain senses the emotion that is associated with that expression thereby allowing us to feel another person’s emotions. This is a kind of subconscious way of empathizing. Again, the other person will feel understood and cared for by you.

 These two strategies can be used to improve your ability to be empathetic. When you demonstrate empathy, the person going through the hardship will feel loved, understood, and accepted by you! Make it a daily practice to start putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and mirroring their behavior.

 I love this quote, “Empathy inspires love, caring, and communication. True understanding is possible when communication is combined with caring. Relating to one another comes naturally when love is the basis of our communication and when our caring is merged with love, a spirit of nurturing prevails!”

 Every single person wants to be seen and heard. Expressing empathy is a wonderful way to see, hear, and value another person.

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Alanna Wong
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  1. Larry Davis says:

    Hey Alanna, shared on @itslarrydavis on twitter. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. That is a great video, really makes me think about how I am with others when they are going through hard things. Especially if I have never experience their challenge…
    Your awesome..

  3. Fabiola says:

    great video on empathy. thank you for this, Alanna

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