Why It’s Important to Live Life in The Moment


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Why It’s Important to Live Life in The Moment

“Your own positive future begins in this moment. All you have is right now. Every goal is possible from here.” – Lao Tzu – Do you live life in the moment or are you dwelling in the past? I am very grateful to have received this beautiful picture frame from FramedArt. I love seeing this quote every day because it’s a reminder for me to live life in the moment! I am reminded that I have this exact moment to make things happen, become a bit better, and reach for my next goal. The past is in the past, so we shouldn’t dwell or think of it. It doesn’t do us any service to be thinking of past issues or pains. It’s so important to focus on living life in the exact moment! If we focus on the tasks at hand, it will get us closer to our goals for our future! I want to share a few tips and reasons why it’s important to live in the moment.

Remember that you are not your thoughts. I remember reading the line “you are not your thoughts” in a book and it struck a chord for me. Re-stating that line helped me to remember to focus on the now. So for instance, if I was having no welcoming thoughts, instead of focusing on them, I would pop in a funny movie or read an uplifting book and about 8 out of 10 times it would get me out of the negative mind frame and put me in the actual moment.

Being present helps you to not overthink things. Living in the present moment helps you to take your mind off of things and not worry. Have you ever been worried about something and then once you get back to the present moment, your worries go away and later on you don’t even remember what you were worried about earlier? That has happened to me quite a few times! J

Appreciate what you have right now. Of course we need goals for our futures and we need to plan ahead for our future. You can read my two posts on goals here and here. It’s crucial to appreciate what we have in the moment. If we are eating a piece of chocolate, really enjoy that bite instead of thinking about the chocolate cake you had yesterday that was ‘better.’ Savor and cherish each precious moment.

Being present helps you to be free. When I am in the present moment I feel more alive and free. For example, when I’m playing with my niece or dancing with her, I am in pure joy and freeness.

Living in the present helps release stress. When you are truly living in the present moment you are not thinking ahead or behind and just being. Your worries are gone and you are focusing on every breath, sound and smell. Short meditations can help relieve stress tremendously.

Reading helps you be in the present moment. When you read, you are thinking of only those words and living in the present. Reading has really helped me focus on the present moment. I especially love to read positive quotes. I encourage you to check out FramedArt for more inspiration on picture quote frames! They have a ginormous selection to choose from and you can’t beat the prices!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below with your favorite quote or a link to your favorite art work from FramedArt.com.

With Love,

Alanna Wong


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